Your Village Needs You!

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What's the plan?

So often we hear about the village that once was and talk about it with longing. Modern day living has isolated us at a time when we need our communities. Asking for a friend is almost taboo and a lack of trust misconstrued as privacy is breaking down relationships.

What if we had the village we needed? What if we can rebuild that mentality and support structure where we can offer a cooked meal when we see a family struggling or accountability when we are working on our self care and well being but the demands of family life keep causing distractions?

Do you want to be part of that change?

Do you have some spare time to socialise, support and grow? We would like to create a team of leaders that genuinely want to make a positive impact whilst learning new skills and theories which can be applied to your future endeavours, careers or entrepreneurial aspirations.

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So what are we looking for?

We are looking for kind people that genuinely wish to support other. 

People that have some spare time and are ready to invest in their own personal development.

People with an interest in social justice and core community values.

People that are ready to look into themselves to address and heal past trauma, acknowledge bias and seek to improve social outcomes.

Ready to take the next step in your future and support your community?

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Paid Opportunity - CLOSED

We are currently looking for an:

 Online Engagement Lead

 - Home based / Remote working

- Knowledge of maternal and perinatal period

- Ownership values with aspirations for growth

- Leading the engagement online

- Great communication, Methodical, Experience with MS Teams

- Confident networker

- Part time

Are you a confident communicator, skilled in content creation?

If you are passionate about the birth world, perinatal period and normal infant behaviour we would love to hear from you. This opportunity is ideal for a developing professional that has an open mind and current social outlook.

We would like the opportunity to discuss the role further and work to the right individuals strengths. Please get in touch for more information.

Want to know More?

Send us your CV and cover letter or a video.

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Become A Village Leader

We are relaunching the village support and we need your help. 

We are looking for volunteers that are ready to invest in themselves whilst supporting their local community.

We have the opportunity for new Village Leaders to develop support networks in their local area. In return you will have access to your own support system and full training.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

- Finding venues

- Hosting and facilitating face to face groups 

- Engaging with The Village on our online platforms

- Sign posting to appropriate services.

- Have fun and build lasting relationships

Benefits include:

- Enhanced DBS

- Ongoing training, access to information and support

-  Paid expenses

- Monthly coaching

- Being part of a growing team of changemakers for our communities

- The opportunity become a paid member of the team

Village Leaders2

Why do we need volunteers?

So often these services are required by those from all walks of life but are unobtainable due to lack of funds or simply because we prioritise other monetised products or services.

We know that people generally place value on things they invest some value in so it is a fine balance of investment and subsidising to make it an obtainable service for those that need it.

We cover all associated costs and expenses and also invest in the education and personal development of our Village Leaders at no cost to you.

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Other Opportunities

If you are interested in working with us and have not seen a job vacancy for a role, please do get in contact for a chat. You might just be exactly what we didn't know we needed.