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About Leah Lewin

The Village

“It takes a village to raise a child”

I want to bring back the village and bring back the support. Every parent at some stage will face difficulty. This can be anything from staying on top of the laundry to coping with perinatal depression and everything in between. For such a rewarding job it also creates many obstacles: Mum guilt, self-doubt, feeling judged or misunderstood, dealing with physical changes, changes in relationships…. The list is endless and we are never alone…. Even when it feels like it. What if you had somewhere to go, someone to call or something to do to help you through those difficult moments. Somewhere safe, somewhere fun, somewhere with the information and support you need without any judgement.

Welcome to OBS a safe haven for mums to laugh, grow and share with people from different walks of life on the same journey.

When you are able to immerse yourself in a role that provides a fantastic service and incredible value, it enables you to have the freedom to express your passion whilst helping others. This is what we at OBS do best.

#OnlyTheBestSupport #YouCanSitWithUs

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I just read your story and it is incredible and I am in awe of you and how you manage everything despite the obstacles you face all the time. What you do is inspiring.


If only this was around when I had my little ones. Leah Lewin, excited to see this come to fruition you will help so many mums.

Karisse Arkell

This is what a strong selfless, determined mother looks like - she is a real inspiration.

Victoria Wilcox