All of our services are available through our bespoke OB-Subscription tailored to your family needs. Our OB-Subscription service, allows individuals and families to have consistent weekly and monthly support.

As essential workers we are still able to visit families that require face to face support, including Doula care. We have also adapted the business to offer a remote service.

So whether you need help with companionship and running errands, support with feeding or weaning your baby, managing your anxiety during these turbulent times or someone to talk to about your families sleep, nutrition, toilet training and health, we can tailor our subscription service to suit your needs and budget from as little as £20 per month.


There is a crisis, and families within your community need our support. So many families are in need of support to varying degrees.

Our mission is to offer the right support to the right people unconditionally,  to ensure their emotional, physical and mental health needs are met.

Help us bring back the village! Join us in this safe community for families.

You can even choose to make a donation to help others access support.


OBS-Family Support

HOW MUCH: From £18.00-£39.00 per hour (Min 12 sessions recommended)

General family support - Whether you are a Mum doing the mothering or a Dad doing the mothering in your family; you usually take care of everyone else first. At OBS, we believe it is so important to take care of the ‘mother’. Not just our diets and physical health but also our mental health. Not just for those suffering, but for those of us holding it all together who need to maintain a healthy balance for ourselves as well as our family. Whether you need support with household chores, errands, childcare, food preparation, administration and navigating through your personal services, communications with providers, information and access to benefits, funding and support that are not common knowledge, companionship and errands service, managing a family household and much more. This bespoke service is assessed and based on your individual needs.

Sleep - Holistic sleep training and support for babies, children and their families. Sometimes one to one support is unaffordable. We offer useful ideas and techniques to help you make adaptions for your family to improve sleep.

Feeding and weaning - Human milk is the first port of call for human babies, but sometimes the education and support is lacking in our hometowns that we end up with a stressful period of time with conflicting advice between professionals, friends and family. The aim of our feeding session is to prepare you for breastfeeding equip you with the fascinating science and sense around the topic of feeding you baby at the breast, or with breastmilk via a bottle and many other techniques. The decision of whether to breast or formula feed your baby when the time comes, is entirely up to you. We feel that families who empowered themselves with the evidence-based information on infant feeding, are then able to make informed choices about how they feed their babies with absolutely no guilt whatsoever. This workshop is for families who want to breastfeed their babies, or for those who are interested in learning about feeding infants as well as those that are exploring alternative methods of feeding – so yes! we even have special classes for school-aged children to learn more about this fascinating process which will equip them with some serious terminology to throw around in their Biology and PHSE lessons at school.

Toilet Training - There is so much that is misunderstood when it comes to potty and toilet training. Having studied the physiological side and gaining an understanding the science and emotion behind it we have collated a format to support you through what many parents may find a stressful period in you child's development.

Babywearing - Carrying your baby is not only an invaluable aid it also facilitates parent/carer and child bonding. Attachment parenting build confidence and strengthens the bond between the two whilst being a great way of transporting in a comfortable and beautiful way. With so much to choose from it can be hard deciding what is right for you and your chid. We can help you explore your choices. Like most things, ensuring this is done safely is of paramount importance. If you would like some more information and support please get in touch.

Health -  We not only build strength, stamina and friendships. We build confidence and a healthy lifestyle, with real accountability through our collective knowledge in well being, nutrition, self care, goal setting, positive motivational tactics and fitness. A fun pre and postnatal positive health service for families where we focus on building confidence in yourself with the added bonus that you can include your whole family.



HOW MUCH: From £999 each

Antenatal - Full birth planning, physical and emotional support. Chores and errands service.

Birth (£1750) – Includes consultation, 2 antenatal, 2 postnatal appointments* and full birthing support.

Postnatal – 1 meeting antenatally to plan postnatal care and preferences. Nourish, nurture, wrapping, and required support of the birthing person and their family. On average, up to 6 weeks support.

Stillbirth and Miscarriage - This is a very personally tailored service offering a bespoke service. Please call for a gentle discussion.

Abortion – Personal and understanding support, present through procedure to ensure the birthing person is cared for and allowed to recover with full support.

Perinatal Mental Health and Birth Trauma from £95 per session - We are passionate about supporting and empowering you to enhance the quality of your life. Whether you are dealing with something specific or just needing clarity of thought we can provide you with a confidential, safe space to talk openly. Our trainee counsellor is ready to actively listen to you, and provide you with the emotional support to deal with the personal and professional challenges that life throws at you.

One to one tailored support to help you talk through what is stuck in your head. We can support with confusion, trauma, negative beliefs and any emotional and or mental health issues as well as support with day to needs. This is about you and what you need.


OBS-Perinatal Education/Maternity Care

HOW MUCH: £35 per session (min 6 sessions per course)

Perinatal education at it’s finest. The content and delivery of this workshop is raw, honest and evidence based. We go through what the pregnant body is experiencing through pregnancy, labour and birth. Exploring all avenues in which labour and birth may follow, encouraging you to take ownership of your choice; even in places where you hadn’t realised you had a choice! 

You will leave equipped, confident and informed from the physiology of the birthing body and your active hormones, common ailments, your rights and birth choices, positions, techniques and so much more. Planning and control of your environment play a pivotal role in your experience.

Conscious-birthing is a skill that pregnant women and birthing people can develop during pregnancy, which equips them with the tools to prepare them for the birth that is right for them. Focussing on breathing exercises with mindfulness, using various gentle techniques, you and a partner of choice will benefit from  all aspects of this included in your antenatal care as standard,.

Conscious-birthing is also beneficial to extra birth partners, or perhaps a grandmother/father-to-be who may be present and supporting you through labour too. If you are a family who are bringing a baby into the world via surrogacy; you will also find this class very useful too.

Maternity Nurse: From £38 per hour, or 8 hour shift/overnight stays from £160

Supporting new families with new born care and postnatal support. Your maternity nurse can support with all aspects of caring for a new born. Feeding, infant hygiene, common ailments and illnesses, night care allowing parents to rest, emergency care and perinatal mental health and trauma support.


OBS-Retreat 2023

HOW MUCH: £1,250 per person

Rest, relaxation and some good old fun. Just because we’re mums, it doesn’t mean we can’t party like the best of them; but first we reflect, rest and rejuvenate. I will be launching the first ever mums retreat in 2022. Get ready to let your mum bun down and have some well-deserved me time.

We will be offering a range of workshops, services and freebies.