Your Doula - Experience and Qualifications:

Mother, Military wife, Hidden Disability, Maternity Nurse, Doula, Birth worker, Director, Educator, Advocate, Activist, Black Queen, Babywearer, Breastfeeder, Attachment Parenting Believer, Godmother(x4) Community Champion, Therapist, Student, Representative, Volunteer, Investor in People, Supporter and friend. Hello, I'm Leah your Doula.

From as young as I can remember all I ever wanted was to be a mother. I would rush home after school to care for my dolls each evening and in my imagination I was a mother of two and carried on this role play for years, loving and caring and nurturing. Mimicking the actions of parents I admired.

At 17 years old I was told I would likely not conceive naturally and it felt like my whole world collapsed.

Do you believe in the power? Energy? The Universe? A higher being?

It took a lot of searching, hard work, dedication and REAL self love for me to really find my own beliefs. This was something I had to do for me and now I have faith and unwavering belief.... in me.

I had to believe in me first, before I could ask anyone else to; and after a journey of experience and education I am in a position where you can believe in me too.

Fast forward to adulthood and after experiencing loss, fertility treatment and difficult pregnancies, my life purpose became clearer with each experience good and bad. I have learnt lessons, through heartache and pain but also through love, endurance and support which has afforded me a variation of lived experiences and learning through walking beside some incredible people. 

When I accompany clients through their journey as a maternity nurse, doula and friend I do so with love, compassion, experience and knowledge. Sharing wisdom, culture experiencing your beliefs and perspective. As we walk this journey into parenthood and beyond together, we grow and learn together.

I have acquired knowledge from my ancestors, family, friends, books, training, lived experiences, friends and leaders in my industry that have paved the way for more birth workers that aspire to offer a person centred approach.

I am not just a Doula, Doula is me. I am supposed to call this work. I am supposed to call this my business but really I am simple walking in my purpose and on this journey of growth, supporting and loving those that need it most. YOU!!!

So you tell me, am I your coach? am I your doula, am I your maternity nurse? am I your family support manager or am I your friend?

The way I see it, I am simply a part of your village, walking along side of you. 

I am yours.....

If you need bespoke care and support, tell me what you need. I cant list every form of support available. Sometimes there isn't an appropriate label for what we need. 

So to give you an idea of the "OFFICIAL" knowledge I have acquired, please see detailed below. For information on the "UNOFFICIAL" knowledge I have acquired.... Lets Chat.


Photo Credit - Kasia Scarff

Enhanced DBS & Personal License

Perinatal Mental Health Including Birth Trauma Level 4 (OCN)*

Early Years Care and Education

Baby Massage

Breastfeeding Counsellor*


Birth Doula

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma

Holistic Sleep Coaching

Sling Peer Supporter

Reiki Practitioner

Tongue Tie Practitioner*

OFSTED Registration in progress

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and Early Trauma

Infant Microbiome and Epigenetics

Psychological First Aid: Supporting People & Young People

Food Management Level 3

Food Hygiene Level 2

Paediatric First Aid

Safeguarding Officer

Health and Safety Level2

Fire Safety

Gathering the knowledge (Maternity)*

Pregnancy Massage*

Gym Instructor Level 2

Pre and Postnatal Fitness Level 3

Advanced Nutrition*

30 Day Ultimate Transformation

Cyber Security: Keeping Safe Online, Managing Online Risk

Relationship Marketing Consultant

Teacher Training (OFQUAL)*

Business Management Level 5*

Registration Number: 10700519

Stakeholder Organisation for NICE

(*In Progress)