OBS Sessions

OBS-Mums Club

HOW MUCH: £7 per session

A place for mums to socialise and be themselves. We all love our children but sometimes we want adult company and conversation in a friendly atmosphere. We will welcome professional services to offer advice and information each week, from midwives to financial advisers, we will provide the answers you need. As the group grows, we will have parent pamper sessions, from massages to nap areas* (*additional fees may apply)


OBS-Dads Club

HOW MUCH: £7 per session

This group focusses on building relationships and support network for fathers and birthing people's partners. A place to build relationships, implement techniques and create tangible and achievable goals. In calm, regular social groups, because Dads matter too.



HOW MUCH: £7 per session

Build strength, build stamina, build friendships. A fun pre and postnatal fitness group for women only.

This groups focuses on building confidence in yourself with the added bonus that you can bring your children along too, so no need to arrange childcare.



HOW MUCH: £15 per session (12 sessions recommended)

Whether you are a Mum doing the mothering or a Dad doing the mothering in your family; you usually take care of everyone else first. At OBS, we believe it is so important to take care of the ‘mother’. Not just our diets and physical health but also our mental health. Not just for those suffering, but for those of us holding it all together who need to maintain a healthy balance for ourselves as well as our family. It is time we take care of our mental health. OBS-Wellness is an intimate group for those wanting or needing a bit of extra support, with the opportunity to release in a safe place. Here we practice mindfulness sessions along with skills to improve our mental and physical health, with one-to-one sessions available too.



HOW MUCH: £15 per session (4 sessions per course)

Human milk is the first port of call for human babies, but sometimes the education and support is lacking in our hometowns that we end up with a stressful period of time with conflicting advice between professionals, friends and family. The aim of our feeding session is to prepare you for breastfeeding equip you with the fascinating science and sense around the topic of feeding you baby at the breast, or with breastmilk via a bottle and many other techniques. The decision of whether to breast or formula feed your baby when the time comes, is entirely up to you. We feel that families who empowered themselves with the evidence-based information on infant feeding, are then able to make informed choices about how they feed their babies with absolutely no guilt whatsoever. This workshop is for families who want to breastfeed their babies, or for those who are interested in learning about feeding infants as well as those that are exploring alternative methods of feeding – so yes! we even have special classes for school-aged children to learn more about this fascinating process which will equip them with some serious terminology to throw around in their Biology and PHSE lessons at school.



HOW MUCH: £30 per session (4 sessions per course)

Antenatal education at it’s finest. You will be part of a small group of parents-to-be with a similar gestation to you, so that you may wish to keep in touch as your pregnancy progresses and your children grow. The content and delivery of this workshop is raw, honest and evidence based. We go through what the pregnant body is experiencing through pregnancy, labour and birth. Exploring all avenues in which labour and birth may follow, encouraging you to take ownership of your choices… even in places where you hadn’t realised you had a choice!

This workshop goes well with our OBS-Feeding workshop, and you will receive a discount when booked together. We will do our best to ensure that you are in a workshop with other members of your original OBS-Birth crew.


OBS-Conscious Birth

HOW MUCH: £30 per session (4 sessions per course)

Hypnobirthing is a skill that pregnant women and birthing people can develop during pregnancy, which equips them with the tools to prepare them for the birth that is right for them. Focussing on breathing exercises with mindfulness, using various gentle techniques, you and a partner of choice will attend these sessions in a comforting setting.

Hypnobirthing is also beneficial to extra birth partners, or perhaps a grandmother/father-to-be who will be supporting you through labour too. If you are a family who are bringing a baby into the world via surrogacy; you may find this class very useful too.


OBS-Gentle Sleep

HOW MUCH: £30 per session (4 sessions recommended)

Holistic sleep training and support for babies, children and their families. Sometimes one to one support is unaffordable. We offer useful ideas and techniques to help you make adaptions for your family to improve sleep.

One to one personal family support is also available. Please get in contact for more information.


OBS-Soul Sista's


Do you ever feel like you really need to connect with a sisterhood of people that genuinely understand you and long for a divine connection with the feminine? Soul sisters offers just that. We use careful language, positive affirmations, reflection as we nourish and support each other, practice yoni steams, meditation and real relaxation. You will leave feeling uplifted, confident, loved, nourished and most importantly, happy.



HOW MUCH: From £45 per session

One to one tailored support to help you talk through what is stuck in your head. We can support with confusion, trauma, negative beliefs and any emotional and or mental health issues as well as support with day to needs. This is about you and what you need.



HOW MUCH: From £750 each

Antenatal - Full birth planning, physical and emotional support. Chores and errands service.

Birth – Includes 2 appointments post birth, free birthing pool use and full birthing support.

Postnatal – 1 meeting antenatally to plan postnatal care and preferences. Nourish, nuture, wrapping, and required support of the birthing person and their family.

Stillbirth - This is a very personally tailored service offering a bespoke service. Please call for a gentle discussion.

Abortion – Personal and understanding support, present through procedure to ensure the birthing person is cared for and allowed to recoverer with full support.



HOW MUCH: £850

Rest, relaxation and some good old fun. Just because we’re mums, it doesn’t mean we can’t party the best of them; but first we reflect, rest and rejuvenate. I will be launching the first ever mums retreat in 2020. Get ready to let your mum bun down and have some well-deserved me time.



HOW MUCH: £35 per session (1-1)

We are passionate about supporting and empowering you to enhance the quality of your life. Whether you are dealing with something specific or just needing clarity of thought we can provide you with a confidential, safe space to talk openly. Our trainee counsellor is ready to actively listen to you, and provide you with the emotional support to deal with the personal and professional challenges that life throws at you.