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This Campaign is growing exponentially and the aim to impact the guidelines and those affected is growing too.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to do this important work and support those that are continually attacked due to systemic racial bias.

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    Welcome to the home of the #NotSoNICE Campaign. I am a mother, a daughter, a birth worker and a black woman.
    When I first heard about the guidance I couldn’t help but cry. Then I got angry, and then…I started to take action!
    How can this blatant lack of regard and ignorance be public. The audacity of the statements made, astounded me and hurt in equal measure.

    The immediate impact of this draft was clear as many others feel the same. Already it is causing harm to people’s mental health.

    Following the investigation into the disproportionate disparities in black and brown maternal mortality rates, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), has proposed a draft guideline which among other things, would recommend the induction of black and brown women and birthing people as a way of reducing risk. The details within the draft guidance are not supported by the knowledge and research already obtained, in which we have learnt that the pathologising of pregnant people, unnecessary interventions and an over medicalisation of birth actually increases, grief, fear and trauma.

    Therefore the proposed guidelines would in fact cause harm to black and brown people.
    Suggesting also that black and brown bodies are less able to birth contradicts history and does not address the original issue, instead causes another in addition.

    More effectively, addressing the systemic racism, lack of knowledge and underfunding as well as affording the right support would be more effective.
    Lastly, this draft of recommendations in itself causes harm to black and brown women and birthing people who once again have not been heard or consulted in this decision of management of our bodies.
    This petition is to support counter proposals being prepared for the NICE consultation in which people not included in stake holder organisations cannot have their say.
    This petition is to request that the government do not accept this guidance and implement into the NHS and private bodies as it will lead to further coercion and unnecessary intervention causing more injury and death to black and brown bodies.
    Please sign this petition and allow us to birth our babies, maintain autonomy over bodies and pursue a more effective solution to the disproportionate racial abuse.
    Thank you
    Leah Lewin @notson.i.c.e @theobsuk

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    Now the deadline for comments has been and gone, but there is still lots of work to do and the campaign continues. 

    I am now pulling together a supporting document. This will be used as a counterproposal if NICE do not acknowledge and address our concerns. This Document would be made up from:

    • a revised and reworked response, 
    • evidential research, 
    • case studies from parents, 
    • medical professionals first hand accounts working with guidelines and the real implications these have on individual trusts policies.
    • detailed proposed guideline adaptions 
    • list of supporting signatures which is currently over 62,000 people.

    This will be supported with a PR campaign and an open invitation for NICE and the government to exchange in dialogue regarding the campaign.

    I hope to host the first NotSoNICE Campaign Event on Saturday 25th September 2021 (Covid Dependent) This will be in place of the fore mentioned March.

      How You Can Get Involved

      As a registered stakeholder, I will make it my duty to ensure our voices are heard! We need to come together as a collective to ensure these guidelines and others that follow, will be challenged. I need your help! 

      • Academics - Can you support with evidence based research? Your work will be public and used in defence for the campaign. The responsibility for evidence based research is not ours but for the sake of Black and Brown women and birthing people, would you be willing to prepare documentation as the "proof" the guidelines are harmful?
      • Legal Professionals - Can you offer help with the legalities and deciphering the legal jargon. N.I.C.E are not playing nice and they have to be held accountable. We know the burden of evidence based information should be on them but they haven't based their recommendation on research.
      • Medical professionals - Do you have experience of the transfer of guidance to policy? Reading, Implementing and the due diligence process for new guidelines? Are you willing to challenge your trusts and put forward our case and campaign?
      • Supporters and Allys - Can you keep the pedal on the gas and keep pushing your network to get involved as well as offer available time, energy and resources for Black/brown mothers & Birthing people so we have a safe space and community to welcome them into and/or help them heal?
      • Communications, professionals, Marketing and PR experts - Can you help to increase our visibility and get the message to the right people in the right places? Can you help us keep momentum so that it is not just a passing trend but actually a movement that affects change.
      • Parents - Have you had an experience relating to the proposed guidelines? Would you be willing to share your stories. I will post with credit or anonymously depending on your preference.

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