Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

An immersive 6 week course to Explore, Equip and Educate.

Forging professional and emotional relationships in order to create an environment congruent with trust and transparency.

Monitoring outcomes and implementing policies to ensure the development of the core DE&I plan is recognised and adhered to in all aspects of the business.

Personal safety and development with the intention to address the cultural competency, diversity, bias and inclusion to enhance the service offering by working with the individuals in and around the organisation. Your people are your business.

Through team sessions we will gather group opinions and general queries. This will also be used to decompress and assert team values and boost moral. This work is emotive and triggering, we need to ensure the team stands united and accepting of each others individual journey of growth.

The objective is to do so without projecting blame or fear and equally without inciting privilege and power over others.

With an in depth knowledge and passion for birth work, perinatal mental health and the the desire to "make birth better" for all, supporting your advancements through DE&I is something not to be taken lightly. I will work with you to develop a plan where we not only provide 1-1 consultation, support, education, advocacy and growth but work to ensure structural change that can impact service users, external partners and organisations that you and your organisation align themselves with providing a real catalyst for positive change.

The option for additional 1-1s will be an opportunity for raw honest and confidential personal development. These will look different from person to person and will be recorded in order to reflect, assess and gain insight into each individual, the impact of their personal beliefs and experiences and the influence this has on their role within your organisation.

OBS Doula Training

This is the UKs first black owned, accredited advanced course.

Application now available for 2022

This immersive Doula course will take you on a life altering journey drawing you closer to your calling with every module. The structure is both tutor led and self paced with an expected duration of 9-18 months to work alongside your current commitments and responsibilities.

An initial consultation will help you discover if this is the course for you. You will then be invited to apply as a student which will be reviewed promptly.

*Consultation and Application*

*19 Modules*


*Reading List*


*Doula Cuddle*

*Retreat Refresher*

To register your interest, complete the form below or Whatsapp: 07427690616

The Black Babywearing School

It takes a village, One that shares knowledge and history and passes on the cultures that our ancestors started. Together we are more!

Reclaiming our history and heritage in the black community, learning the stories behind carries and materials and the meanings behind them.

Your first black owned baby wearing peer support education. This is not your average course, we will be delving into the history and culture of baby wearing and the appropriation that has taken over and driven the industry to date.

OBS brings you the first Black Baby Wearing School:

Our Signature Course:

15 In-depth modules

Emotional Support and Reflection

Lunch Provided

Final Exam with resits included

1 Year Free Membership to TBBWS network

Special Offers and Update

For more information, email us tbbws@the-obs.co.uk

and follow @theobsuk for updates.


£250 - (Payment Options available)



Venues and industry relevant businesses that would like to sponsor The Black Baby Wearing School, we would love to hear from you.

If you are a black owned* business and would like to to get involved, please get in touch to discuss the terms:

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*Black owned business - must have a majority ownership of equity/shares equal to 50%

The BBW School

Introduction to Bias Awareness Workshop

Aims of the workshop-

Introduction to bias and what it is.

Learn about bias and micro aggressions in a safe place.

It’s affects on the people around us.

How it affects our actions and words

Raising things into consciousness.

This is an introduction workshop that is aimed at starting an uncomfortable conversation for all that are in roles that directly or through managerial roles provide support to all of the public including people who are black, brown, ethnic minority and other marginalised people.

If you can think of anyone who would benefit from our workshop please feel free to share and pass on our details

I’d like for you to ask yourself an honest question or two about yourself

Do you think you have bias? ( conscious or unconscious )

Do you think there is work to be done to tackle bias within your organisation / practice?




Bias awareness workshop is an introduction level workshop on bias.

It is for anyone thinking about doing some work on their own bias and finds the current information out there too overwhelming. This is a great first step towards change and personal growth.

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Bias Awareness