Corporate Partnership

As part of our overall target to support the perinatal and infant community, OBS is now collaborating and partnering with other businesses and organisations to improve quality and efficiency for the end user. Ensuring that the standards in an unregulated industry are to be increased and held accountable for the safety of others.

Our aim is to support an educate whilst providing consulting and coaching services, coming together to engage with necessary bodies as we are stronger together and collectively we can improve outcomes for those that need it most.

The implementation of bias awareness, cultural safety and trauma aware not only in the structure of organisations but embedded in the company standards, policies and team culture. One of our main aims is to support other businesses and organisations to address their antiblack racism, cultural unconscious biases, knowledge of generational religious traumas and developing values that ensure the safety internally and externally for colleagues and service users.

All of this and the offering to refine SOPs, policies, company, service practices and general coaching and consultancy services.

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Organisations I have worked with, supported and collaborated with:

HSCP Logo Daily Mail
Birthrights Logo Bella
Babyem Logo Grazia

I have also featured in books for the likes of Professor Amy Brown, Dr Sara Wickham and Sandra Igwe and worked with various other individuals local businesses and other organisations.

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