What would you Google if looking to proactively get referrals?

Published on: 15/06/2022


Now I know this may seem like an obvious question but what would you Google if you were looking for a marketing company that can produce a bespoke programme to help you strategize your key relationships to create long term consistent referrals? Because I am pretty certain it would not be: “Where can I find a marketing company that can help me produce high quality consistent referrals via a researched programme ?” (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. – You know I love a bit of feedback!)

Why am I asking? Well it’s all about CONTENT! (Not sure I say that enough) Does your marketing reflect your relationships? If not, why not? After all, we know that we need to be answering our clients’ questions but its also a great way of offering great, relevant and engaging content to the right people.

If we answer their questions not only are we putting ourselves forward as knowledgeable market leaders, but we are also solving their problem, quickly and easily meaning they no longer need to continue searching and they can come to you, a trusted expert in your field for knowledge of the industry.

Here’s an example: I am going to Jamaica and don’t want to spend every day combing an afro’ so I have been considering using a texturiser. Here’s my pain point...there are a million brands of the same product, which is best, which is right for my hair type and which is the most cost effective (I have no idea how much I should or shouldn’t pay!) So, I Google: should I texturize my afro? What I hoped to find was a simple explanation, maybe a comparison and hopefully a link to buy said product.

If this was a prospect searching for a product or service you offer, are they likely to find an answer from your business with the option to buy or contact and ask further questions if necessary? If not, Why?

So, I am doing a little research myself to find out exactly what my potential clients would be looking for. This will help enable me to create the relevant content for them to be able to find exactly what it is they are looking for.

Food for thought……

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Have a fantastic and productive week.