Meet Vanisha

Published on: 19/01/2022

Hi I’m Vanisha Virgo, the new Co-Director here at OBS

I’m the second daughter out of 4 girls, I’m a Capricorn, I’m a mother of 1 born child but a mother figure to many

I love food, growing it, learning all about it and most importantly eating it. I also love learning about natural remedies and herbs

I am a Doula/birth worker as well as a trained baby wearing and breastfeeding peer supporter and I am also a childcare professional with over 25 years in childcare and education.

My work in childcare and my work experiences has covered work in nurseries, playgroups, as well as work as a nanny and also as maternity nurse.

During my years of work I have supported families in many capacities including overnight care as well as looking after children over a period of time sometimes including sole charge care whilst parents have been away.

I have also supported various different family dyads during their post natal/ post partum period.

As a Birth keeper/Doula and also in my role as a childcare practitioner I have supported families throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond, have helped them to understand that they have a voice and that they have the power, this is done by helping them to make fact based, fully informed decisions to meet their parenting goals.

My work with families has included working in their own homes as well as in various state funded and private nurseries and playgroups and have supported families of twins from births well as children with varying degrees of dietary needs and for children that have special needs or physical disabilities and learning difficulties ranging from cerebral palsy to down’s syndrome to general behavioural needs to autism.

I have facilitated childcare training workshops for an independent agency in the past as well as running my own bias awareness workshops for healthcare professionals, infant feeding professionals as well as birth professionals. During these years I have run parenting support sessions in person and online for parents too. I used to teach the introduction to childcare course for an independent training company and have also provided families with independent childcare support and have helped them with techniques and strategies to support managing challenging behaviour in their children

I am a huge advocate for equity and ensuring representation in and around the birth world for all marginalised people and have spoken and written about these issues since 2017. My mouth is wide open when I see parents being shut down and told they can’t have the choices and options they want for their family whether it be their birth choices or parental choices

I had always been the person amongst my friends and my family who goes round to help the new parents, listening to them talk about their experience, helping by cooking or bringing a meal, watching baby while the parents shower, wash their hair, has a nap etc, it’s only when I met up with and spoke to a Doula that I realised that I had naturally been supporting friends and family in a post natal doula role for years i just didn’t know it.

I am so glad I did my Doula training, I have learnt so much and feel i am better equipped to support families better, i feel this has brought me full circle in my knowledge and training in supporting families in their parenting journey from conception to early teen years.

I love being a doula/birth keeper and am passionate about helping families find their space and come into their own as they embrace their birthing and parenting journey

My services are

Birth prep

Post natal support and normal baby behaviour

Weaning support

Child Development

Parenting support

Infant feeding support

Babywearing support